Bold fonts are aggressive

Bold fonts are aggressive. We could please at least have an option for a regular or ligth font. Or to adjust contrast. It’s been like this since version 8 or 9, but it was better before.



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Yes +7

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Options are always a good idea, but sometimes the default changes which can be counterproductive.

There is something off about the font choice, I agree. Let me offer some User Experience perspective.

I think Steinberg’s approach of allowing the user to customize many things is essentially broken. The reason is because you are not able to actually customize things in a way that always “fixes” a problem. Sometimes you can only customize something that may only get you halfway to a solution.

Some software tools allow robust customization like Reaper. This poses unique challenges. It can provide an overwhelming amount of options in order to resolve a User Experience need.

Some software tools limit your choices with few options. Sometimes these options are researched in order to provide clear UX (User Experience) solutions. In my opinion, Steinberg needs to go about this route.

With that said, I don’t know if they need a new font. What I do know is that they should:

  • Research better fonts and test the usability improvements if any
  • Research the accessibility benefits of different fonts. Some may improve legibility
  • Consider developing their own typeface based on this research (Ableton uses their own custom typeface)
  • Upon this testing and research, they may want to consider different font choices that are based on how they improve usability.

That’s my suggestion.


Fully agree. Lucky us, the N 13’s GUI pratically consists of bold white fonts.

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Yes, SB’s solution was to do worse.


It looks like at least the BOLD Type thing will be adressed and our feedback has been listened to. The new NUENDO 13 - NOW AVAILABLE - #13 by TimoWildenhain Lets see how it goes