Bolt Ons

About 4 years or so ago I went to a music expo in London and spent some time with the Steinberg bods who I think were demo ing Cubase 4. I asked whether they had any plans to introduce a thing that I had seen in a demo of Digital Performer where you could type in or select from a menu a chord or variation of your choice to create a midi chord. Not being a keyboard player thought this would save me hours when writing. The guys noted my request down with interest and over the years at more recent expos I had been asking the same question but still with no success. Now I am happy to see the introduction of Chord Track. This looks great and just what I need. Who know’s if I planted the seed for the developent and in deed who cares. Thing is, it’s here now and it’s great. But, and it’s a big BUT (no singgering). I don’t want to pay £160 to upgrade from V6 to V7 to get it. So, here is another seed I want to plant and hope it doesn’t take 4 or 5 years to grow. Can we have ‘Bolt on’ accessories like this. I know we can buy indivudual instruments etc but what about things like this. I am really happy with Cubase 6 and don’t want to spend much more upgrading every 2 years or so for stuff I realy don’t need. So, what do you think? A mix and match bolt on set of kit to buy and download. If someone with Cubase 4 wants say VariVocal, why not let them just buy it instead of the full upgrade. Let me know what you think. I know I would be happy to buy stuff like this almost like an app to supliement my Cubase arsenal. Any takers?