[BON-16275] VSTi multi-out name changes track name


Ever since the Instrument Track 2.0 was introduced there is an issue that is bugging me ever since.

The first Output(main) is alsways named like the main instrument track and vice versa. This ain’t a problem when using it just for one stereo instrument. But when using it for drums in a multi ouput setup it gets annyoing.

When i use SSD4 or any other Sampler i usually use the first stereo output for the OH. Pity that the main Track now is not named Drums anymore like i named it 5 minutes ago when i created the track but also OH now. Since Cubase 7.5 this “issue” exists and would be glad, if we could have the names set independently.

greetings Novik

============= mod edit ===========

Editing the first Output of a multi-out VST track also changes the name of the track itself.

  1. Create an Instrument track
  2. Activate all its outputs
  3. Edit name of first output

Track name changes to output name. That’s illogical, the output should be able to be named independently, n’est-ce pas?

I am suprised no one else is annoyed by this behaviour. Is this only on my maschine?

I don’t use multiout instruments, but checked the behavior and it is, indeed, annoying. Guess it’s by design, but might need rethinking.

I agree- I don’t understand what logic there might be behind it. Renaming the first output should just do that and no more.

I think that this behaviour is a left over from the old Instrument Track. There was only the one stereo output wich was named the same as the Instrument track itself. Steinberg didn’t adjust to the new features


Annoying indeed.

I think you’re right. I created a report for it.

It’s been almost 5 years, has anyone come across a fix?

It makes absolutely no sense why this would happen. I’ve seen multi-out tutorials where other people don’t seem to have this problem. I’m currently on 10.5 and it’s still happening. There must be a solution out there.