[BON-18556] External FX cannot ping delay compensation

This is in old Cubase 8 issues, but was not yet listed in Cubase 9 issues:

When using external hardware insert effects, Cubase reports 0ms every single time I try to ping to calculate delay.

  1. Set up external effect in connections window
  2. Route a converter input directly to a converter output to create a loopback - this way any external effects cannot give misleading results.
  3. Tell Cubase to calculate the delay
  4. Cubase reports ALWAYS reports 0ms, which I know must be incorrect.
  5. If I route through external effects instead of using a converter loopback, Cubase still reports 0ms delay.

Is there any news from anyone at Steinberg regarding this? I never used to have a problem at all in cubase 8.5 but now in 9.5 (64bit engine) I get “0” as a measurement every time i ping. It makes the program utterly unusable for my workflow because I use a lot of outboard and my D/A (Prism Orpheus) has a dynamic buffer assignment (different roundtrip delay every time i restart my computer).

I am also very interested in any status updates on this. It has always worked, right up until C9.5

A status update on this would be greatly appreciated.

Same thing. I opened a ticket and the answer was that it’s not a critical bug, so no priority for this fix. :open_mouth:


Hey, other ppl are saying that it works in the 32 bit Cubase mode but not the 64 bit mode. I have been using it in the 32 bit mode but haven’t tried the 64 bit mode yet. All this aside, it does work in 32 bit mode, my latency number was pretty high because I mix at 1024 sample rate but it put the returned track where it should be, correctly aligned.

That is very disappointing, to say the least.

Just a question: When “BON-xxxxx” is added to the title of an issue, does that mean it has been recognised and is being worked on?

Apologies if this is stated clearly somewhere in the forum already.

BON refers to Cubase 8. But yes, it’s the bug report ID. Cubase 9 is CAN. But not seeing it doesn’t mean it is not reported. I hope I have not made you not understand this. :wink:

Please continue this in https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=126856 where there is a bit more info.