[BON-7334] Can't drag & drop region onto empty track lane

Very easy to reproduce:

  1. Add 2 tracks - can be MIDI, Instrument Track, or Audio. Make sure both tracks are the same type.
  2. Draw or record a region on both tracks
  3. Show Lanes on the second track (So you see Lane 1, Lane 2)
  4. Drag & drop the region from track 1 onto the “Lane 2” of the second track.
  5. The dropped region will not drop on “Lane 2” but will be bumped up to “Lane 1”

I’m not 100% sure if this is by design - if it is, it’s an productivity-killing design.

Here is a video that illustrates this:


Hi there,

I can confirm this. I will let you know if it is by desing, but I can’t imagine it is.