[BON-7848] 8.0.5 Breaks Z-Order Recall of Plugins


Overlapping, z-ordered plugins that have always been remembered correctly, upon project load, in previous versions of Cubase, now are not remembered correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

Overlap some plugins in a way that suites you, save project, reload project.


No workaround, just manual work. In my case, I have about 20 plugins that now have to be clicked on to reset their proper z-order, every time the project loads (which is a lot).

The main ones that I use like this are Waves Dorrough Meters. A ton of them.


UPDATE: I’d like to add that the issue is the same regardless of “set window to top” settings for the plugins. In both cases the Z-order is not remembered.

Also, oddly (and perhaps Murphy’s Law) the plugin z-order overlaps are always set completely backwards to how I wanted them. :slight_smile:

Not enough of a big deal for me to revert, I have the chore cut down to 13 clicks when I load a project, each time.

But, I’d like to point out there seems to be an increasing number of “chores” with version 8’s new features, already (e.g., I counted 12 clicks to Render-In-Place and have a post about that). So having to add to that things that worked correctly in previous versions, is irksome.

Forgive me, I realize this is superfluous commentary, but as a software developer myself, I feel it’s a worthy point to make…

The first role of any sophisticated application is to recreate the environment, where the user was “left off,” perfectly.

To not do this, is downplaying the importance of the environment the developer created, itself.

So, it has to be fixed.

That’s all. Carry on. :slight_smile:

I can confirm this on Windows 7. Looks like the instances you have opened are recalled sequentially (following the channel order) and that the Z-Order reflects this.

Great. Thanks for confirming this.

Yes, channel order here, too.

The issue is in good hands now! :smiley:

The reference number for this is BON-7848.
I’m waiting for the review to add this to the OP, in case it gets assigned to a different project or there is a linked main issue.

[EDIT: Issue number confirmed and added to the title, thread moved to Collected Issues]