Bontempi 747 Keyboard


I have just recently started using a simplified version of Cubase 11 and was hoping to connect my Bontempi 747 keyboard to use as a midi keyboard. Unfortunately there seems to be a driver issue and the keyboard is not recognised. Has anyone had such an issue and was able to solve it or is it just not compatible? I know that the keyboard is older. It would be a shame if I had to buy something newer but I would like to be certain I needed something new before buying anything.



Hi Jennifer,

What OS are you on? If windows, there’s this page with some info on setting up drivers for your keyboard that might help. I haven’t used one myself, so this might not necessarily be the info you’re looking for.

Hello Jennifer and welcome to the forum.

I did some searching, and I can not find a driver that will work with Windows 10. The one SF_Green suggested will not.

I even checked for source code on Git Hub and I didn’t find anything. The 746 had midi in and out, but the 747 only had the USB, and that requires a driver.

You might try Tobias Erichsen generic USB driver. His code is known to be very good, and trust worthy. If it works, let us know, and consider giving him a small donation. If it doesn’t the driver won’t hurt anything. While you are there check out LoopMIDI, it gives you virtual ports like a Mac has.