Bonus words for the exaggerators...

Horrific seems to be getting worn out for describing bugs and GUi design aesthetics.
Maybe we can mix it up a bit. Let’s save the mild adjectives for real tragedy.
Ugly fonts, colors, and 2-click workaround bugs deserve the best.
So, here a a few to start…

Here’s some more alternative words for the “short-falls and problems” people see with the new Cubase Pro 10:


If you change the mind set from “shortfalls and pitfalls” to “new learning experience” maybe, just maybe you will enjoy Cubase Pro 10.

I will state again, for the record, that from Cubase LE4 through to Cubase Pro 10, I have found Cubase to be outstanding.

Of course it may be that I just like getting my money’s worth, so if there was any change to the programs that altered my recording methods, I worked through them to achieve the better results all the updates provided. Cubase Pro 10 us no exception to that rule.

Oh, and just to be clear, I am not a software developer or computer pro, I am a musician first and foremost.

If I can succeed surely anyone can!!!

Jim B