BOO! No Cubase Artist Trial

Great news! Got a laptop and found that my M-Audio Axiom Pro can control Cubase 6 -beautifully-.

So… to avoid the dangers of damaging my dongle, I figured I’d get Cubase Elements for $99 and a separate dongle. I downloaded the trial version and found that, sadly, Cubase Elements cannot be remote controlled by Axiom.

So I contacted SB support and was told that ‘Artist’ has the same remote device support as ‘full’ Cubase. But… the proof is in the pudding so I figured I’d get the trial version and see.

But there is no Artist Trial. And that hacks me off because I -know- that all 3 versions are contained in the Cubase code.

So now… no Artist for me. If I can’t make sure that it will work with the Axiom, I won’t buy it… because SB won’t give me a refund if it doesn’t work.

SB lost $149 (whoopee!) and I’m inconvenienced. And it just seems so unnecessary. Why not offer an ‘Artist’ trial fer cryin’ out loud?


LE versions have Generic Remote, Essential must have it also. :confused:

Did you look at the feature comp charts?

I’m not talking about GR.

M-Audio has this absolutely -fabulous software ‘Direct Link’ which installs as a separate remote device option in Cubase ‘full’… but is incompatible with Elements.

You can’t know that without installing the Trial software and really -trying- it.

Direct Link is like Novations ‘automap’. It maps all the buttons, knobs and sliders to the mixer and then… when you switch focus to a VST, it magically maps the controls to that plugin. Not at all dodgy like the Mackie or Houston. Just works.


I have artist, but no axiom. Is there a way I can check it for you?

That’s a very generous offer—especially since we both have HP laptops and Win Home 64.

But I don’t see how unless you were to get an M-Audio Axiom Pro 2nd Gen and install the DirectLink software.

That’s why it’s so important to have a -Trial-.



Ok, that’s unfortunate. I wasn’t planning on getting an Axiom :wink:
Good luck whatever route you take.