Boogie Europesque II

Sorry about the deleting of my original post, so here is the right one.

I was working on bluesy tune with a friend of mine, at one stage he said, ‘can you not play that European sounding note in that phrase’. I thought, bugger you, I’ll give you some European sounding notes’, and this tune is what came out of that.

'Hope you like ‘Boogie Europesque’, but be warned, it’s got some European sounding notes in it and a cute chord at the end… my friend likes it a lot, funnily enough! :wink:


I loved the sound… Juicy.

The Hammond sound and tremelo on one of the guitars made it bluesier for sure. I wasn’t a fan of the string ensemble sound, but that’s probably more of a matter of taste. Not sure of what to make regarding European sounding notes or cute chords, but I think the Zappa quote: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”, might come into play about that.
Sounds like a fun track to have done.

Wonderful! The sounds are not European, but American! Guitar tone is so wonderful! I would suggest the drum mix could be revisited, it’s maybe a little forward in places, but that’s a minor point. Great to hear your new stuff! Hope to hear more of what you’re doing.

I appreciate you guys listening and commenting, so thank you.

@Stephco, thank you, I’m happy with the guitar sound, GuitarRig really does the job, as do Trilian and EZdrummer, my ‘go to’ weapons. :wink:

@swetch, John, thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. :slight_smile:
I was trying to blend some bits and pieces of melodies from old Finnish songs and they are ‘embedded’ amongst it all. Maybe not obvious in a blues context, which is what tried to achieve.
And the string ensemble, I literally went through thousands of synth sounds but never really found ‘the right’ one… so I agree with you on that.
And I sure did have fun. :slight_smile:

@Early21, Thank you firstly, for listening, it’s nice to hear people’s comments and suggestions.
I tried to make a mix of bits and pieces of European (Finnish) melodies against a bluesy, John Lee Hooker, style background which makes it sound American so perhaps I succeeded in a way. :wink:
About the drums, I always try to make ‘my band’ sound big, particularly the bass and drums so perhaps I tend to overdo it sometimes. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Thank you all, for your input,


Really cool, Mauri. Fabulous arrangement. Love the Hammond and the lead work.


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Thank you very much, Jonathan, for taking the time to listen and comment. I value all responses and still (at my age ;)) hope to learn something, even if it’s someone showing me I’m on the right track, as you have done.
The Hammond is NI’s B4 II (discontinued for ages now, bugger!) which I can run only in Demo mode for half an hour at a time. What I did was, I used a different VSTi organ to make the track, then started B4, did a little automation, exported the audio and imported that back into Cubase. A royal pain in the ar… but to me the B4 is still the best Hammond emulation. I’ll never forgive NI for trashing it… :frowning:

Sorry about the rant, thank you again,


Mauri, That’s a nice Blues, good sound and good playing!

I agree with Swetch’s point of view regarding the sound of the string ensemble or synth at the end. Of course it’s just a matter of taste.

Well done!


Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment!

I left the ‘string ensemble’ in partly because I made a photo/video/audio of this tune for YouTube and the sound of the strings, where that becomes most prominet, kind of compliments the visuals of both of my grandfathers in my video.
You can find the video here, on my YouTube channel:

Thanks again, I’m very glad for these comments. :slight_smile: