Booklet printing (again)


I know there was another thread that dealt with pages being in the wrong order for manually turning aroung paper when booklet printing.

I neeed somehing else: I want to have the score pages arranged in booklet mode an print the result using a duplex printer. Therefore I need the first sheet to have page 1 on the right half, and the next sheet, which will immediately be printed to the back of the first sheet, to have page 2 on the left half.

How can I accomplish this? I played around with all the options in the lower right part of Dorico’s print mode, but whatever I choose the first sheet will have page 1 on the right half, the second sheet will have page 3 on the right side, sheet 3 will have page 5, sheet 4 page 7, etc.

I have to add that I am printing to PDF right now. the result will later be printed out.

Thanks, E.

It really should be as simple as choosing ‘Booklet’ under Job Type, then setting ‘Both sides automatically’ under Duplex Printing, and clicking Print. Have you actually tried printing it out? It works!

Hi, Daniel.

I don’t see this option…

Having noticed this, I tracked it down to my PDF printer, which says “Printing on both sides: no” in its properties, so my guess is that since the printer itself says that it can’t print on both sides, Dorico does not show this option in the first place?
That would make sense - but then again ALL of my installed PDF printers say that they can’t do that, and I do have quite a numbeer of them installed.

My view on this is that Dorico is a bit too thoughtful here. Every other software I have that can do booklet printing (not only scoring software) does it “right” when I choose any of the PDF printers.

Thanks, E.


Dorico will very happily to do all the booklet stuff if you’re actually printing straight to a printer that has that capability.

If you’re using Dorico’s own PDF capabilities, they only stretch as far as printing one page on one page, with the expectation that you’ll want to do booklet stuff at a later stage (and in different software). The upside to this is that Dorico will natively export to PDF at any paper size, ignoring what connected printers can handle.

Hi, pianoleo.

I just wanted to point out that PDF printers seem to not be too useful in what they tell Dorico about themselves, so it would be great if Dorico could be a bit wiser.
I normally create the PDFs at home, put them on a USB stick, plug it directly into the printer (not at home) and print the files directly from there in duplex mode. No booklet option there, so pages would have to be in correct booklet-for-duplex-printing-order.

What struck me by surprise was that, as I said, every other software is happily working together with all the PDF printers. Dorico is not, putting the overhead on me instead. So I actually had to create regular one-page-PDFs in Dorico, open the file in Acrobat reader and do booklet printing from there - using the same PDF printer I could have used directly in Dorico in the first place. This cannot be the best solution, given that Dorico already has such a fins printing mode.

(Is there any PDF printer out there that pretends to be duplex-capable?)