Booklet Printing

It seems that printing Booklets is problematic in Dorico? I think when one adds extra pages (cover page, instructions etc) the order of printing is not correct?

Is it a known issue? By the way there used to be a tool for booklet printing on OSX but I cannot find it anymore. Is there any solution for this?

Are you printing to a printer, or exporting a booklet PDF?

Are you adding the extra pages within Dorico itself? As long as you have a consistent page order, starting on a right-hand page (and ending with a left), you should be fine.

There has never been a built-in MacOS booklet function, though some printer drivers may have it; and some PDF software, like Adobe Reader/Acrobat has it in the print menu.

Can you show some screenshots of the settings in the right-hand panel of Print mode; and of the print preview area?

I am exporting PDF.

by the way I think Dorico is supposed to handle the odd number of pages automatically. I am copying from the manual

“If the layout you are printing as a booklet contains an odd number of pages, Dorico automatically places any empty last pages at the end of the booklet”

The order of pages as I see them in preview is


it is supposed to be a 16 pages document

You may need to select the “Printer” tab first, where there are more options for how the booklet sorts itself; then go back to the Graphics tab.

If you’re exporting to PDF, is there a reason you’re doing so as a booklet job-type from within Dorico? What’s the benefit of doing that to exporting a normal job PDF and allowing the PDF viewer app of your choice to sort into booklet page order as and when you come to printing it?

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I am afraid I don’t have a printer so selecting the Printer Tab does nothing. @Lillie_Harris Can you please give me some instructions how can I do this on OSX (Preview) I cannot find a way of making a regular pdf into a booklet

I think Preview doesn’t do booklet, but Acrobat does (and that’s what I use to print my PDFs as booklets).

You have to be careful with thing like Acrobat, as they sometimes shrink the pages onto the print area of the sheet, rather than the … sheet area of the sheet, meaning you get smaller pages and bigger margins.


I would recommend creating a ‘dummy’ print queue in macOS, for all kinds of reasons, not least having access to the print settings in Dorico.

However, there are many utility apps that will convert PDF pages to booklet spreads.
Here’s one:

I’ve written a whole load of python scripts for PDF manipulation, including one for making booklets. Python used to be installed within macOS, but now you have to install it yourself.

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Thank you both, but wouldn’t it be easier if Dorico simply exported the PDF in booklet format ready for printing at any printer? @benwiggy I will check your python scripts. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dorico DOES have this option. But some of the configuration depends on the Duplex Printing settings in the Printer tab.

The order (and orientation) of pages and sheets in Booklet printing depends in part on the characteristics of a given printer.

Indeed, setting up a dummy printer solved the problem! Thanks!

Oh my, I never thought of switching to the Printer tab to configure the things shown in the other tab…