Bookmarking locations in score - methods?

Working in relatively large score, I am wondering what, if anything, people use to bookmark locations in order to resume work.

This post is the only thing that came up in search, but since I’m already using rehearsal marks and the comments feature for other purposes, the two suggestions do not seem very practical to my case.

Grateful if anyone could share their method. Many thanks!

If the source has bar numbers, I just use Go To Bar. In addition to rehearsal marks and comments mentioned in that other thread, markers have been mentioned as another method of bookmarking.

For the problem that files open scrolled to the beginning of the first flow rather than where you left off …

… my workaround is to wait for the playback ‘power’ button to highlight (meaning playback is ready) and hide/show one of the panels. This mysteriously makes Dorico scroll to the position when the file was saved.

I just tried that but it didn’t work for me. (I’m on two monitors and in two different layouts). Is there any particular panel you use to scroll back to the last used position? Thank you, Mark!

One idea I had was to make a “special” comment that would have a prefix (e.g. LOCATION) and saved last, so I could use it as a bookmark that would auto-scroll. But I think comments are layout-dependent so I wasn’t sure this would even be workable, so decided to ask first.

Comments are ordered in the panel by rhythmic position rather than date, and there isn’t a way to search them. Also they are attached to one staff, so in that sense they are layout-dependent.

Sorry my panel trick doesn’t work for you. We’ve not gotten to the bottom of this scrolling issue.

Thanks Mark. I’ve tried the comments and yes, it’s pretty much the way you describe it. Writing down the RM in a notebook seems to be the only for now to quickly find where one had left off before, if only I could remember to do it! :grinning: