Boomy low end sound? HELP please.

Hello everyone,

I am new to producing and mastering in Cubase and I am having a lot of trouble getting my VST piano patches to not sound boomy when I send them to a mixdown. Everything sounds great in Cubase and then when I export it to an mp3 or wave file, the sounds are muddled and boomy on the low end, especially the piano.

Can someone tell me how to work with this and fix it, please?! I am having so much trouble.

Thank you so much.
Love, Leah

hey Leah,

try to find some basic tutorials on YouTube.
but most of the boomy sound is caused by the (broad) frequency range around 400 Hz
probably you should check the spectrum in the first place in cubase. everything should be mostly flat in the overall spectrum. (but that is a very unprecise statement of me in fact)
if it is ok in cubase, then the sound system were you are playing those rendered piano tracks is the next suspect

a good tutorial can be found here:

but it is a bit technical… :slight_smile:

hope this helps,
kind regards,

Aloha S,

Try rolling off some bottom end on those ‘pie-annys’. :slight_smile:

As roel posted, around 400 Hz is a good place to start.
And try your mix on as many diff systems as possible.

Be delicate. Go slow. Gently ‘carve out’ the offending frequencies.

The 30 band parametric eq unit built into Cubase (GEQ-30) is a good tool for this.

Good Luck!