Bootable partition issues

All I want is another partition so I can install XP and use Wavelab 3 (WL 3 crashes inside Win 7)

It seems Win 7 has decent rudimentary partitioning functionality on its own… do I really need to buy an app for this? If so, what do you recommend. (Once upon a time I used Partition Magic, which was quite good)


You can probably get Wavelab to work. You have to mess with the compatibility options by right clicking the icon and selecting properties.

Thnaks for the tip… I’ve tried that, using both the Compatibility options and the “Run as Admin” option… in all cases, it poofs when I try to import an audio file

Did you try every option?

I ask because I’ve seen things like this before, and sometimes the option isn’t the one you expect it to be.

I only tried

install using XP compatibility mode – which did work as far as installing the program goes

and “Run as Administrator” but it still Poofs – totally disapperas (no BSOD, however) whn I try to import a wavew file

My version of Win 7 (Home) doesn’t have the full-blown compatibility function (if I understand correctly)

My windows 7 Home does… :confused:
Right click, properties, then on one of the tabs you can select a dropdown menu with compatibility mode from Windows to Win95 for most programs, XPsp2 for some.

Haven’t got Wavelab though, I can’t comment on that particular one.

And there we have it. I have pro and it has a list of 12 or so options for OS, and a half a dozen others for every choice of OS. Sorry, I was just trying to save you the hassle of creating a dual boot system just for one program.

twilightsong - if all else fails have a look at I can recommend the partitioning features on this, nice GUI.

Thanks zebbie

Yeah, Win Home has a limited XP compatibility functionality, and has worked on a number of apps for me. But my understanding is that only the higher versions have the robust capability

You might consider putting it onto a flash drive.

Twilightsong, back to your original question, Windows comes with its own partition manager, just search on Disk Management. I just used it to first shrink the main partition, and then turn the rest of the space into another partition.

Looks like I can upgrade to Win 7 Pro for $89.95 over the internet, and that’ll allow me to download the Windows XP mode app for free

Thanks, guys

The Win 7 partition manager is actually very decent. You should be able to create a partition, install XP on it, and when you boot you should be able to choose which to boot into. (I haven’t explored bootable partitions in Win 7 as of yet, so I can’t say for sure there is one on startup, I’ve always gone into the bios on reboot and just chosen the drive as the default bootable partition). The only problem with that, is you will have to move the wave files to the XP partition first, because XP will not understand WIN 7 drives.

I use that XP Mode thing on my netbook, because the Bentley manual for my car will not work on Win7. It’s easy to set up, and it works.

Ceiling Duck

the Bentley manual for my car

Since when could ducks afford Bentleys?

Don’t they still use Windows 95 for the onboard computer system in a Bentley? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: I thought they would be the latest tech.
Might be the Jags I’m thinking about.

I’m glad you brought this up, since it’s a pivotal issue in my case. All my audio files are on drives separate from my OS drive, and don’t have any OS on them, and are in the FAT32 format. Are you saying that an XP partition won’t be able to see them? Why not?

That wouldn’t be a problem then. The only partition that WIn XP won’t see is the one with actual Win 7 OS on it. If you have a separate drive that houses the audio files, then you should be good to go.

Oh, thanks, that is a HUGE relief! Had me worried there. I’m glad you were around when I posted my question, otherwise I’d be paralyzed with inaction until you came back (or somebody else answered)

I’ve never seen a duck with a Bentley.

However, Bentley Publishing publishes technical and service manuals for a number of cars.

Some might even have racing stripes. :stuck_out_tongue: