Booting into a project SANS plugin's

Hey all, I’m currently undergoing a rather stressful problem right now as I can’t open a single project. I’ve made another thread about this about an hour ago if you’re curious / think you can help. But my question is, I know there’s a “safe mode” boot into Cubase that disables all your preferences. BUT

Is there a project safe mode? Like, one that can temporarily disable all PLUGINS in a project before you boot it? That way we can go in there and activate them one by one til we find the problem child?

And if not, WHY ISNT THERE? :smiley: I know you can move plugins manually but that’s rather cumbersome, especially if you have a few different places that Cubase is pulling plugin’s from.

Suggest that instead of moving them, you go into the vst plugin manager and make them “Inactive” from there (in the plugin information section) before starting your project. Unfortunately you will have to click on each VST separately to do this but, it is better than moving them.

BTW… your signature lists CB Pro 9 but you posted this in the CB 8 section?

Regards :sunglasses:

Yeah I know, sorry about that. I reverted back to Cubase 8.5 after finding out about the lack of 32bit plug support. I just can’t work on my current and open projects because there’s so many instances of 32 bit plugs. If I changed them all I would lose the sound. And my clients would probably shoot me. :laughing:

I AM intending to switch over, I just have to go in and figure out what the hell i’m going to use in place of them. 2 or 3 of them, I just have no clue what I’m going to do because there’s nothing comparable that I’m aware of.