BOOX Max Lumi 13.3 ePaper tablet

Hi all
I’m almost ready to buy this A4 ink tablet for gigging and have less paper charts around. Any thoughts, good or bad experience ??


Boox max lumi

This one I don’t know (yet) but I’ve seen and tried a couple of times the GVIDO Dual screen, working with sheet music. Beautiful ink screen, but too slow in changing pages (twice the price of the Boox Max Lumi).

Based on the quality of the copy writing, are you sure that isn’t some kind of phishing site? (Asking in half seriousness.)

I went through this last year, ended up with a Remarkable (v2) instead.
I would have liked a larger size like 13.3 as you are deciding on. If you are preparing your own music, then you can reduce the margins, but often in a PDF version of a printed publication, there are large margins, reducing the music size, requiring checking the margins and resizing for each PDF you import.

My thoughts against Boox were not knowing how long the Android OS would be updated for, security, and the distraction of email and other apps I would probably add in. I was also wanting a tablet that was not too heavy.

I use my Remarkable for other things with the pen, ideas, organising thoughts, planning etc.

I love the e-ink screen, low power, battery lasting a week or two. The Remarkable does not have a front light, perhaps the next version would have this, (it would be useful for live or pit use). There is no page turn device for the Remarkable. I like how it is not connected to any email etc. quiet, silent and no notifications popping through.
I am hoping the Remarkable OS will be updated over many years compared to the Boox, although I might be tempted by a newer model anyway, especially if it is larger, before they decide not to update the model I have anymore.

There is the PadMu which I considered, also because of the dual option but expensive for the amount of use I would have for it.

Not sure this is informative to you, but thought I would add to the discussion.