Borderless printing

I have this problem, in theory I modified the Doric pro margins to be able to put a cover page that covers the whole page, as well as a background image that is glued to the bottom left corner for the leaves.

But when I print I get that margin and the image does not cover the entire letter size page.

Does your printer support borderless printing?

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I don’t know, I went to a printer and they told me it was a roller issue, so is it because of the type of printer? Are there printers capable of doing it?

The last time a client insisted on borderless cover pages, I took the printing to a long-established specialist music printer in London (Oldacres). The only way they could do it was by printing on larger paper and then trimming.

That’s not to say it’s not possible, but given your screenshots it’s likely not a Dorico issue.

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Laser printer margins are about 8-10 mm where nothing is printed.
If you will spiral bound A4 you can print on A3 and trim to A4 before binding, at least the cover, or use a large format inkjet/photo printer for the cover.
If you will saddle staple it you must go to a professional printer that prints on SRA3 and then trim the finished book. As this prints both front and back for the same price, the back can be colour too.
There are several options, depending on how the finished product will look like.

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Ok the same solution they gave me, to print tabloid size and crop, but I wanted to know if it was something in my Dorico settings, or to know if there was another alternative other than cropping.

So are there any printers capable of printing without borders? I’m surprised they don’t have them in that kind of printers, don’t they?

I believe there are inkjet printers that are capable of doing borderless (for photos and that kind of thing), but they probably wouldn’t be suitable for printing music; certainly not in bulk.

Laser printers use rollers to pull the paper through the machine; the rollers have to be able to grab the edges of the page, meaning that that area of the page can’t be printed on.

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