A casual question for PG since I develop software for a living…

Having just purchased WaveLabs, a lot of the elements (particularly the buttons) look like they originally came to life in a Borland C++ compiler. While I’m sure it’s been ported to something more current by now, I learned to code in Turbo C 1.0, so those guys will always have a special place in my heart. Not to mention being the only ones who kept MS honest in the dev tools game.

Anyway, just curious. Did WaveLabs begin it’s life in a Borland environment, or is the look of their signature UI elements just coincidental?

And by the way - nice work, man. The reputation is well deserved.

The dialog buttons (and only them) share a family life indeed, and yes BC++ was used (a long time ago).

I thnk it’s fitting to leave them in as a tribute. If it wasn’t for a $99 compiler, I’d probably still be scratching out a living playing bars.

Although there are many days (particularly around deadlines) when smoky bars of dubious reputation look very appealing.