Bose Soundtrue headphones with UR22 mkII


I realise completely that the Bose Soundtrue (apple product version) headphones have an 3.5 mm TRRS connector with an arrangment of left/right/mic/ground that doesn’t agree with a typical 3.5mm-6.5mm adapter.

Have any of you found a painless solution to getting their apple product Bose Sountrue Headphones to work using the front headphone jack on the UR22-mkII??


I expect using a regular 6.3mm to 3.5mm jack to minijack converter plug will do the trick. This will short the mic input to the ground which isn’t a problem.


The issue is that because the Bose Soundtrue headphones are configured for apple products so the arrangment of left, right, mic, ground on the TRRS (tip ring ring sleeve) are different than the typical arrangement found on the UR22 interface and most other devices that aren’t apple products.

What I need is an adapter that has the right configuration on the headphone end, and a different one on the UR22 end. Not sure if this exists.



Here is an image showing both wirings. CTIA is ‘normal’ , OMTP is ‘apple’.
As you can see in the image linked below, the only difference is that the ground and mic connectors are swapped. (the image is too big to embed and I’m too lazy to crop it :wink:)

The thing is, you will not be able to use the microphone on your Bose headphones no matter how you wire them, because the UR22 (and every other pro audio interface) isn’t equiped with the right type of input for that type of microphone.
So if the microphone can’t be used anyway, the different wirings are not important. You can only use the Bose as a regular headphone, so a regular TRS connection will work fine.
The tip and ring assignment are Left and Right which is the same as the TRRS connector, and the sleeve will touch the ground and the mic, but since the mic isn’t even receiving power it’s just a dead bit of circuitry in this configuration.

So as I said, just plug your TRRS minijack plug into a regular female 3.5mm to male 6.3mm TRS plug and your headphones should work just fine with the UR22.