Boss BR-800

Hi everyone…
I am very new in using recording software (never tried it before) and need some help!

I own a Boss BR-800 and now want to use it “for real” and not only as a stand alone unit, so what to do concerning buying software and what version?
I have a Mac Book Pro from 2013 I want to use with the software!

My self, I am beginner in playing Bass (Marcus Miller V7 5str.) and E-Guitar (Music Man Luke3) and it is going very well, but it would be nice to record and mix what I am “noodling” together :mrgreen:

So I hope I am in the right forum and someone could guide me to a software choice from Steinberg :laughing:

Thanks in advance…


There are tons of softwares available in the market. So it is really hard to give you an opinion as you have not given the budget amount. Whether you want the free version or paid one?