BOSS DR-880 sync midi start play

I have BOSS DR-880 and M-Audio MidiSport 1x1 with one MIDI Cable.
How to make synchronization between Cubase 7 and my drum machine via MIDI Port?
All I need is when i press the Record button in Cubase 7 or Play button drum machine to start synchronously Play or Record with Cubase.
How setup Transport and MidiTimeCode for synchronously Playing Drum Machine and Cubase?

I try this: BOSS DR -> MIDI In port go to -> MidiSport on Out Midi Port and USB interface go to My PC.
Cubase initializes my MidiSport in Transport Settings.
But how setup synchronously play between Cubase 7 and my drum machine through M-Audio MidiSport 1x1?
The Drivers for M-Audio MidiSport 1x1 i download and install for my OS Windows 7 64 Bit SP-1