Both my UR-C and old UR22MKII have uneven volume outputs to my Yamaha HS8 monitors

Hey all.
So I’ve had this issue with my both my current UR-C ive owned for a couple of years, and it still happens when I tried using my old UR22MKII during troubleshooting.

Basically my left monitor is twice as loud as my right monitor (I am using Yamaha hs8 monitors with 2 balanced male-male TRS to XLR cables) I bought new TRS to XLR cables to attempt to fix the issue, but the problem persists. I have to set the gain knob on my right HS8 to 12 oclock and my left monitor between 9-10 o clock to make it sound relatively centered.
I wish that’d fix it completely, but not only do i have the volume difference issue, but the L/R balance changes whenever I adjust the main output knob on my UR-C, the more i turn up the output knob on the interface, the right monitor gets louder than the left.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated ! :slight_smile: I’d love to keep my UR-C and not have to replace it with a new interface as it’s a bit out of my budget right now.

But after looking through the steinberg forums, apparently this is a common issue with the UR series of interfaces :frowning:

But have you tested the UR devices with another set of speakers, or reversing L and R ?


Broken cable? Balanced one is now unbalanced?

:frowning: orry for late replies btw, been a bit busy lately.
I have tried multiple different TRS to XLR cables to connect from ur UR-C to my HS8s, to no avail.
But perhaps the cables I own have now become damaged over time, so I’m going to pick up more cables ASAP and see what results I get.

Also, i’d like to mention. I only bought these HS8s about a year ago, so it’d be fairly unlikely that the XLR ports on the back of my monitors have become damaged.

But to be fair, it does sound like unbalanced cables being an issue, because when I play video games playing through my monitors, I get faint GPU coil whine noise from my left monitor, which is the one I have to turn down by approx 40-50% to roughly center my monitors.

Forgive me if I came across as disparaging Steinberg interfaces, as they’ve served me well.

It’s just that my budget has taken a huge hit lately, so I’ve been forced to rely on prioritising groceries and medications etc before studio upgrades (Sometimes it can be difficult to even afford a new set of cables, unfortunately) :worried:

I am going to my local audio supply store in a few days to pick up a new set of good quality TRS to XLR cables to try remedy this situation.
Thanks for your patience and advice guys, its much appreciated :slight_smile:
I will report back with the results as soon as I purchase them.

BTW, I’d like to ask. Is there any chance that ground loop issues could play a factor here?

Also, to your first reply steve. Do you mean switching the cables running from my interface outs to go to opposite speakers? (Eg; Taking the cable from the L out on my URC and plug into my right monitor/ vice versa) ?

Also, I’d like to correct my first statement on purchasing brand new cables to attempt to fix the problem. That was a mistake. I’ve been using the same trs to XLR cables I’ve had for approx 1-2 years.

Sorry for the misinformation

Just tried not only switching the L out on my URC to the input on my right monitor (and R out to my left monitors input), but also tried swapping the same current cables to go to opposite monitors (aka; the cable that was plugged into my L URC out to my L HS8’s input now goes from my R URC out to my R HS8’s input). Btw, I set both my monitors gain knobs to 12 o’clock during this test to make sure they were centered.

Now the possibility of my cables becoming now unbalanced from damage is almost certain.

I apologize for being unthorough in my original post. It wasn’t my intent to criticise the quality of Steinberg products as I’ve used only Steinberg interfaces for the better part of ten years.