Both plain and dotted units in tempo marking

I have a piano piece in which one section uses three staves, with 12/8 in one and 4/4 in the other two. The original handwritten MS has ‘Tranquillo q/q.=63’, and I can’t find a way of replicating this. I had thought of putting Tranquillo q=63 in Shift-T, unticking the ‘metronome mark shown’ box, and then creating the ‘double’ metronome mark as plain text and putting it in the right place. But I’m not having much luck. According to another thread, I should be using Bravura Text for the note glyphs, but anything I type just comes up as QWERTY text. Could someone point me in the right direction, and/or suggest a completely different way of doing what I want to do?

You’ll have to use a Shift+Alt+X system text item for this, Gareth, as you can’t show multiple beat units in a single tempo object. You should still have a tempo, of course, but use the Properties panel to hide both the text and the metronome mark, so it no longer appears.

To show the notes in your text object, copy and paste the necessary notes and rhythm dots from here. After you paste, select the pasted characters and change them to use the Music text character style using the top left menu in the text editing popover. That will set them to use the appropriate Bravura Text font.

Many thanks, as ever, Daniel!