BOTH VST Connect SE and CST Connect Perfomer Crashes

An artist and I tried to do remote recording several times. I have set up the cue and talk back channel and performer track. We see the signal meter is coming to our VST connects when we talk on our phones, the performer hear himself playing guitar, but we do not hear each other. On my end ( VST Connect SE), the VST Connect SE, mixer( faders) is dimmed.

Our internet speed is around 50Mpbs and upload around 12Mbps, however, my cubase and the artists performer app constalntly crashes. Crash occurs randomly when I click on different settings of VST connect.

I am on MacBook Pro Yosemite and the artist is on Windows 10.

Additionally, when I click on “Check and Repair connect” in VST Connect, it crashes Cubase as well!! This is so frustrating.

The artist has found some wav files on his end. How can we open them, please? I suppose they are encrypted wav files.

Thanks in advance,

I was also facing this problem a month ago when my friend ask me about a fault in my internet connection speed I check it that was due to internet speed. check it again at this site because my friend also suggest me this website