Bottom Line, GA4 need MIDI to Host Like GA3

Love the interface, I understand the new concepts. Great job on the samples. Nice concept, of which I will use. But the best thing about Groove Agent, is MIDI record to host because the main reason we songwriters need programs like this is we are not drummers! we don’t have time to drag patterns and manipulate drums. Yes, you can in GA 4, record with the midi controller, but once you do that you don’t see the individual drum hits unless you drag and drop and that isn’t natural. Plus im used to GA3. If you would have just made GA3 64bit, I probably would have been happy. Ive noticed even with drag and drop, the full pattern doesn’t come through, the high hats and percussion instruments even with the B output activated. Bottom line, this program is for people who don’t play drums and need to make it easiest as possible. Record to host is vital because of timing. You can start your host, Cubase ofcourse, play a song through with no fills or editing, then go back and re-record the track with fills and variation just by pushing fill buttons and changing complexity, timing all in focus. understand! Thanks Love Steinberg, but lets address this.

Totally agree. I am spending hours trying to use complexity and auto fills then make a midi track that I can play to. I’ve tried dragging my patterns into a track, but then the automation for complexity and autofill don’t seem to effect the track I created. I’ve tried recording the automation while GA4 is playing, but Cubase won’t record a live performance of a jam. And the documentation and videos just gloss over these things. I hope you agree with the writer above and at least “record to host.” Thanks.