Bottom of Project Page Keeps Disappearing

This is so annoying, anyone else having this issue?
Whilst working on a track, suddenly the bottom of my project page (the toolbar section) just goes out of view and I have to
exit and reopen the song in order to get it back again. This is not good when trying to get work done.

This happened in an earlier update but seemed to be fixed on the previous update (I think) but it’s now back again with a vengeance.

Any ideas would be helpful

Thanks in advance

You mean the transport section? There’s no toolbar at the bottom- it’s at the top. Check the key command for “Transport Zone,” maybe you are accidentally hitting it.
(No need to shout in all caps. Title edited.)

Sorry, didn’t mean to shout…my bad.
Found the key command you mentioned and it does bring it back but it’s annoying that the screen somehow resizes itself.
I have found out when it occurs, it’s when i minimize the project window to do other stuff then open it up again, the bottom part is resized and completely out of view. Th key command does bring it back, thanks for that advice. Would be good for Steinberg to sort out this bug though.
I have another issue which I post in a different thread, see if anyone has any ideas on that too, regarding 2 screens.

Thanks Steve and sorry again for the Caps.