bought 6.5, but quick install question...

hi all. i bought the cubase 6.5 update last week. but i’m in the middle of lots of big projects and am sensibly not installing over my 6.0.5! my question is; if i install 6.5 on my laptop and update my dongle license, will this affect my 6.0.5 install on the studio pc? i don’t expect it will since licenses usually allow user to run earlier versions. but i’d like to know from anybody who has tried. thanks. ed

You will have to update the e-licenser software on the studio PC also.

thanks. but i will still be able to run 6.0.5 on studio pc ? what’s confusing is that the cubase update came with a new serial number. i just need to know that it will run 6.0.5… ed

Yes, as always it will, after updating the elicenser software. And sorry no, I have not tried it myself.

thanks again. p.s. apologies to moderators. just realised this should be in the cubase forum. please feel free to move it. ed