Bought 7.5 but cannot download

How I hate this, ordered and payed for 7.5. Got an email. Klicking on the download link to website where it says, you have no available downloads. In the online shop is chaos. Written update from 6.5 to 7.5, with the date from 2012. Mails to return as cannot be delivered. Online support form not working, wrong password. Resetting password not working, because I don’t get an email. So what now please???


Was able to reset my password. The link in the mail goes to another form. But still not able to login and to write the support. This is a joke.

Ok, found a working email address. And also just registered new, for sending through the web form.

Hi bigsoundsgood,

you have 4 shop accounts, so you are probably logging in to the wrong one. By all means, you can downoad your update from our website:


Thanks for those links! I love to have a full ISO digitally as well!

downloading now

I’m already working with 7.5 though, but still… for a reinstall :slight_smile:

Hi Luis Dongo,

thanks for your reply. I really didn´t know that. And also have no idea how I collected those all. Got meanwhile also answers from the asknet team and Ed Doll which all helped me out. Cubase 7.5 is on the way :wink: Thanks again to all for the fast replies and help.

best regards