bought a mouse with 11 keys. any macro ideas? best cables for guitar, mic and monitors?

i have a Logitech G502 with 11 buttons.
any ideas for keys to assign for workflow?

im sure some of you guys have one of those mice…

  1. is there a tiny wireless keyboard (about 5 keys) you can put on a guitar (for the recording keys, of course)?

  2. best cables? i heard the cables are very important for qulity

i have
cubase 10 pro
eve audio sc207 (about to buy them this month)

i use guitar rig 5 and amplitube 4
i have (for now) shure 58 mic (ill buy a better one in the near future)

do i need diffrent cables for a guitar and a mic?

i know there are a lot of diffrent types, but whats the best?
the budget is 150$ for all the cables.
is the budget low?

thank you.

can someome help, please?

Mouse button macros -

What macros do you already have assigned to key commands? Maybe assign some of those to mouse buttons? Impossible to make suggestions, really, without knowing your workflow …

  1. What are “recording keys”?

  2. I wouldn’t be too concerned about cable quality, if I were you. But, I’m not you …

You probably need different cables for a guitar and a mic, especially if you plan on using both at the same time.

Out of personal curiosity, for what purpose are you using the mic? :confused:

You’re welcome.

You can get ideas for functions to assign to your mouse buttons by monitoring your workflow for some time and observing what you use more.