Bought Dorico 3 Pro years ago, now account page shows I have no Dorico license at all

Specifically, back in Dec 2019 I bought Dorico 3 Elements full, then a month later spent the extra few hundred bucks to upgrade it to Dorico Pro 3. Everything was working fine, had no issues activating and using Dorico Pro 3, all was well. Fast forward to today in 2024 I’m on a new PC and want to install Dorico again, but I log into my account (on the webpage) and it shows that I own no products, no licenses, no anything. So I thought maybe I could download elicenser etc and re-add the old codes from the old email invoices but it either says it’s invalid or already used. I’m at a complete loss of what to do as this whole licensing/activating system is completely convoluted. Feel like I got scammed $400? I’m hoping I’m just being stupid and missing a step.

If it says “Unavailable for Upgrade” or something like that, it could well mean your license has been transferred over to the new licensing system to apply to your upgrade.

Presumably @dspreadbury or someone will be in contact shortly (although remember that it is now the middle of the night in London) to help you through the process.

Don’t worry, you certainly haven’t been scammed out of hundreds of dollars. We will find your previous licenses and help you get back up and running. It looks as if you may have registered with another email address in the past. If you can send me one or two other email addresses that you might have used, I can try to find the account where your eLicenser(s) were registered.

If you’re pretty sure you couldn’t have used another email address to register your products, then please send me your proof of purchase for your Dorico Pro upgrade, and I’ll work with our support team to get your license restored.

Best not to post that kind of personally-identifiable information here publicly, so please either send me a private message (click on my name above this post, then in the pop-up click Message) or send me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and I’ll take it from there.