bought Elements 9..

I recently picked up Elements 9 and must say I’m super impressed. It blows away other editors for the value and modern features.
One of the only things that bothered me was the layout of the Master section, that it could end up looking like this

I felt that I would rather be able to drag-adjust the horizontal areas so that i can access more plugins?

Plugins on the Master are flawless in Wavelab. Very nice layout, fast and stable.

Only other thing would be nice is if I can use the vst presets I create in Cubase (or visa-versa) without having to export to .fxp (or similar task)…

Oh and also it can be somewhat painful to accidentally double-click the Master and have it go up to 0 db (if you have your mains turned up).


I think double-clicking and ctrl-click are fine for safety. But I just noticed you can single click anywhere in the fader path, and the faders go right there. That seems a little dangerous to me, but maybe it’s commonplace.

The faders can be locked by using the button “Lock Faders” at the bottom of Master Level.

I see the same thing in the master section in 9.1 Pro on Win 10. You can unfold the faders, but the Master Level and Final Effects bars are not sliding up to fill the space like they were in previous versions.

Also how did you get rid of the “Plus” slot under Effects? I can’t make it do that. It always adds a Plus slot if I add more Effects.

EDIT: my mistake. I guess there are only 5 effects slots allowed in Elements. Thus no more can be added after that.

Thanks for replies, all. I now see the ‘lock’ for Master, very handy…

One other question I had is that I don’t seem to see my Quadrafuzz 2 plugin (from my Cubase 9 pro) anywhere. Does anyone know how to enable it for Wavelab?
I don’t see any actual vst dll anywhere (i looked).