Bought Elements but got AI & LE too?

Hi there. I bought Cubase Elements and when I installed it, it installed Elements 8 LE 8, and AI 8 - all 3. Why was LE included with my download? I thought I was just buying Elements 8 and can understand why AI 8 was included, but not LE 8 as well.
The post in the Cubase LE forum says that “Cubase LE is an OEM product and the smallest of Steinberg’s professional Music Production System Cubase.” I know that a square is a rectangle, but not vice versa - however I don’t think that applies here.
Thanks in advance.

It’s a single executable that “unlocks” functionality depending on the license you have.

Ok, so my activation code will only allow Elements 8 to work?

The activation code will allow you use of whatever that license you purchased allows. I am not sure what that is or why you are concerned. Elements 8 is what you paid for correct?

As far as I understand, all three versions are pretty much the same. LE comes with other manufacturers interfaces. AI comes with Steinberg interfaces. Elements is a paid version of the same limited program.

I could be wrong tho…

Yes. Elements is the “most functional” version of Elements / AI / LE.
If you look in the shop, an upgrade from LE or AI to Elements is $50.

Yes. When you enter the activation code you received for your purchase of Elements, the same program will behave as Elements. If you had, for example, received LE with a hardware interface, then the code you would have gotten (usually on a card with the physical device) would have activated only LE features.

Elements is a very capapble program with the exact same audio quality as the more expensive Artist and Pro versions. There’s a feature comparison here. The LE and AI versions are more feature-limited as they are typically given “free” with hardware. There’s a lot you can do with any of these versions and with enough talent, skill and patience it’s possible to produce professional results. I also have Elements on a laptop for portability and location recording, the audio quality is identical.

You might find the Steinberg Knowledge Base useful.

I’ve used elements in the past myself for location recording… it’s SUPERB!!!
Dead simple, no clutter, no distractions etc… IMHO absolutely fantastic for that purpose.

I don’t know why I was worried. I activated it and everything is fine. I used the 30 day trial of elements to be sure it was what I wanted before I bought it. It makes sense, looking back I feel dumb for not figuring this out on my own.

I know the feeling! It is somewhat confusing. We’ve all been there so don’t worry and take your time, the most valuable initial information is in the Getting Started document but I guess you’re already past that stage. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cubase – and this forum!