Bought the update a week ago and haven’t received anything

I bought the update a week ago and still haven’t received anything. Who should I contact? They don’t answer anything

You should contact the company shown in your email receipt.

if there was at least one email address that I could write to. I have to claim my money back from somewhere. I won’t let them steal 100 euros just like that. I’ve been buying every update for years, thanks.

still nothing. You could not provide an email address to which they will respond, because the support is not working

We can’t know where the update was purchased from. Did you buy it from the Steinberg Shop? Was it from another online store such as Sweetwater? That’s why he’s telling you to check the receipt that was emailed to you.

If you bought it from the Steinberg Shop/asknet, you can check your orders here:

Login here if you still need support:


they answered after almost 2 weeks. But only to contact living-c eCommerce Solutions, which I paid with on their site. So I’m running for my money. After many of them did not respond to my request, I wrote to Paypal. Those who refunded my money. What happened to Cubase? After all these years and purchases, is this gratitude?


Your image didn’t upload correctly.

I don’t know what you said to support, but it sounds like you contacted them saying you wanted your money back, instead of just asking them for the much simpler solution of resending the email or trying another address, no?

no, I just asked them to send me an email and a registration code. They did not respond. I then wrote to paypal that I did not receive anything. They responded immediately. And after that they wrote from Cubase. That’s all that happened. I would still buy it now. But after that I have my doubts


this is my fist support: Hello. i bought cubase 12 two days ago I didn’t get an email about the purchase. What is this?
and de second . : I slowly paid a week and still didn’t get anything