Bought the wrong update

Hello, i bought the wrong update to cubase 9. I got the 9.5-10.5 upgrade and would like to revert it, anyone that can help me?

I did put in a ticket but last time i did that it took 3 months for a reply.
Also got the pro 10.5 upgrade additionally to the 9.5-10.5 but would like to get a refund on the wrong purchase.


Assuming you bought from the Steinberg Shop, there is a “NexWay Customer Service Center” link there. Either way, the store you bought from is the best place to start.

Did you buy from the Steinberg shop?
Orders are then handled by Asknet now named Nexway (as you can see in your invoice receipt / order emails). Contact them for help on this.

Nexway Shop Support Center:

You can use this link, click the “Submit a request”-link and enter the form, choose “Order cancellation (refund asked)” at “Reason for request”.

If you bought it at another shop, you’ll need to contact that shop.

Bought it from the Steinberg shop yes, but this;

They tell me to check the “Right of Revocation/Withdrawal” section of the shopping cart

There is no option for me to go back to the shopping cart to get that function on that purchase, or am i missing something?
Do i need to sign in somewhere? Thanks

Just use the “Submit a request”-link further down the page (or at the top of the page).

(The text says to “submit your request via the “New support ticket” button of this page”. This is wrong, since it’s obviously named “Submit a request” instead [and is just a link and not a button].)

Or use this link directly:

Yeah, did that, confusing.

They should have a proper cancel\return page of their shop.

thanks, and merry xmas :slight_smile: