bought ultrawide 32:10 screen, very happy (...but why is the Editor only available in the Lower Zone in Cubase?!)

After months of research and I finally bought a new screen. I just want to share my experience and why I chose the way I did, it might be helpful for others looking for a new screen setup for Cubase. The screen I went for is a Philips 43" 439P9H.

Initially I looked for 32:9 screens with 5k resolution but found them TOO wide and that the HIDPI is not worth the hassle.
I also looked at 21:9 screens, but they don’t feel wide enough if you want to have both arranger and mixer windows open at the same time.

Despite all the hype, to me, HIDPI doesn’t look good enough and it is not worth all the HIDPI/zooming compability issues/hassles.
All vendors and applications, including a vast number of VST instruments/effects handles zooming in different ways.
I found it to be very counter productive to use a HIDPI screen only to find out that you have to zoom in every thing to be able to see, without leaning forward the screen. Also, I found it impossible to have my monitor speaker setup in an acoustic correct way with a 32:9 49" screen with a width of 1200+ mm.

So, I narrowed it down to the format of a curved 32x10. Perfect for my needs. It is exactly two times the size of my previous 2-monitor setup.
There are a couple of vendors making 32:10 screens: Samsung, Philips, HP, Lenovo and Acer.
After comparing all of them in detail I went for the Philips one. It got USB-C docking (for laptops), HDR and runs at 100 Hz.
HDR made a huge different for me, which I didn’t expect at all. As soon as I enabled HDR in Windows 10, it improved the the colors and the viewing angle (!) a lot.

The only caveat in Cubase right now is that I want to have the Editor (available only in the Lower zone!?) in a new zone, so it doesn’t split the arranger window. I want Arranger, Editor and Mixer opened at the same time.

Is it possible to make it so Steinberg, pretty please? :slight_smile:

If you mean key and sample editor, of course the are availabl as a windowe. There is a preference for double clicking opening in either lower or windowed. There is also a key command for it/them and also maybe rightclick.

Yea true, but double-clicking audio or midi events just opens them up in a new window, Cubase doesn’t replace the current one opened with the one you have placed on the screen already. If you want all midi or audio events sent to the same space every time you click an event, zones are the only option.

That’s why the Editor/Sampler Control (and others) should be selectable in any zone (or actually, a new zone is needed…).

Preferences/Editors/Editor Content Follows Event Selection

Thanks for the tip but it only works for midi OR audio but not for both. I have it selected but switching between midi and audio events requires two separate windows to be open for each type of track. I’d like to be able to place the content of the “lower zone” as a separate zone, something that doesn’t split the screen vertically.

Not sure I understand what you’re after. I have two screens rather than one but when I double click all my editors open on the second screen. I never have the lower zone.

Three vertical zones is needed in way Cubase works right now. I want it like this: [Arranger] [Editor] [Mixer]

Window/zone 1: [Arranger]
Window/zone 2: [Editor (audio, midi, sampler content of selected event on zone 1]
Window/zone 3: [Mixer]

Single-click any type of event to show it in what I would call “zone 2” without opening a NEW window for each event.

So you want one Window to change between the Key Editor and the Audio Editor?

That seems unlikely to happen


Why don’t you just use separate windows, set them up in the manner that pleases you, then save it as a workspace?


It already works that way for the lower zone!
I just dont want the lower zone to split the Arranger window, instead a new zone, or possibility to place zones wherever you want thenm, would be better.

Sure, but its not very streamlined, you must use a different workspace each time you select a different track which isnt practical when you jump around a lot on different type of tracks.

I see what you want, but I do want the opposite. I dont want to follow the open editor windows the track selection or event selection.

Yes, it should be optional of course.