Bought upgrade for synthesizers that come with CUBASE 12 pro cannot download says lack ''licences''

I have Cubase 12 pro and I bought the VST ''upgrade ‘’ for all the synths so I could get more sounds. When I put in the access code I get a pop up the says I do not possess the licenses for the up grades to apply. I thought all those synths came as a '‘package with Cubase. Do I have to buy more software?. the up grade I bought is from Sweetwater and it is as follows, ‘Steinberg Absolute6CG2 -* Absolute VST Coll 6 CG**’’* I am really at a loss… I do not get it and of course it is the 4th so no tech support today ugh… does any one know of this problem or is this a unique thing maybe having to do with the Cubase license?

Reading between the lines it sounds like you bought the wrong thing. Absolute is a collection of VSTi’s sold as a separate product. They are not the VSTi’s that come bundled with Cubase. It sounds like you purchased an upgrade from an older version of Absolute to the latest version of Absolute - except you never had the older version to start with. You’d need to work out the resolution with Sweetwater.

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The CG stands for CrossGrade. You must own one the other Full products that qualifies for the crossgrade pricing. As stated above, you bought the wrong software.

I discovered this when I found out that there was no upgrade path from Halion Sonic 7 (that came with Cubase 12 Pro) to the full version of Halion 7



Not for Cubase and Nuendo bundled products

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yep you are all right. You get usage but not license… so I bought the actual VST bundle thanks for the input! It is 150 bucks more but I am sure it will be worth it.