bought yamaha moxf6 - where do i download AI7

I’ve registered with mysteinberg.
I entered the Download Access Code.
I’ve installed the latest eLicenser Control.
I just can’t find where do get the installer files.


You have entered the Download Access Code in MySteinberg? Then you should see the “Downloads”-tab. Please refer to the picture in the attachment.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Fabian. Check out what I see


I see… that was a fault on our side. The preparations for the MOXF-registration were finished yesterday evening. You registered yours actually a few hours to early :wink: No, we were a bit late with that one. Sorry!
Unfortunately I had to remove the registration from your account. Could you please re-enter your Download Access Code in MySteinberg? It should then work as expected and you should receive an Activation Code and the download links.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience!

Best wishes

boom. like a charm. thank you.

I bought my keyboard, but could not use the Cubase download because my mac wasn’t updated to a newer operating system. Now it has been updated, but i can’t find the paper with the Download Access Code on it. Is there a way to prove my purchase and get that Download Access Code again?