Bounce between OPENED projects

Does anyone else have multiple projects opened at the same time as I do? AND wish there was a simpler way to go back and forth between them?? File menu has the list of “RECENT PROJECTS” whether OPENED or not. This is NOT what i am asking. If you have more than one project opened, they are all stacked behind the currently ACTIVE one. Now what is the easiest and QUICKEST way to take a look at ANY of the other projects you have open?? A good example for this would be if you had a BAND with you that wants to go back and forth through a bunch of songs they have in different projects. Using the finder isn’t needed if you already opened them all. I just want a simpler way to FLIP between them at the same time ACTIVATING the one i choose to look at. Now…in Cubase…the WINDOW menu HAS all the projects listed, BUT it also shows ALL the mixconsole and any other windows associated with each project. It is a MESS to look at. It is NOT a simple “project NAME” list of “currently opened” projects that i am wanting. And ideally, something quick such as a right-click mouse menu to access.

How do you all flip between opened projects?

Sort of OCD but I get you.

Maybe File\Opened Projects just underneath ‘Recent Projects’ they could put it there.