Bounce - Isn't it a new copy of the audio data?

A confusing Bounce thing happened to me which I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just me not understanding the concept:

  1. I had an audio event E1 on track A.
  2. I copied it to another track – B.
  3. I changed the event start and end points.
  4. I choose it and made Bounce.
  5. Now to my understanding it should be a new audio file. Isn’t it?
    However, still, when I was trying to make it VariAudio, I got a message from Cubase – “There is another copy… Change or New Version?”
    I thought that after the Bounce, it’s already a new version, isn’t it?!?

Hi Booli,

When you bounce an event, Cubase prompts a message to replace the original event with the new bounced one (fades + volume curves are applied). That’s correct and can be checked in the pool. In the audio menu there’s a command ‘show selection in pool’ - very handy (and a possible keycommand :wink: ).

The ‘new version?’ dialogue probably probably asks to which version you want to apply the changes as the original version might still existent in the pool. Simply confirm ‘new version’ and tick the ‘don’t ask again’-thing (don’t have the exact term in mind as I haven’t seen it more than once) at the lower end of the dialogue (and this is the last time you’ll see it - can be reset in program settings).

Many thanks!!