Bounce MIDI When Parts Overlaid

Does anyone have an easy way to Bounce MIDI when the Parts to be bounced overlay each other exactly? In this case there is not way I know of to select the “underneath” Part. Is there some special Key Command to select not only the Part on top but any underneath it?


I don’t know, if there is any KeyCommand, but you have at least two options:

  1. If you move the mouse cursor over the MIDI event, some hot-spots appear. One of them is a triangle in the middle bottom. If you click on this triangle, you can select from the drop-down menu, which event should be on top.

  2. Or you don’t need to take care about the fact, which MIDI event is on top. Just Show Lanes (icon like this [||]), to see all lanes of the MIDI track.

I cannot recreate your problem for to me all midi events are selected when I drag mouse over it.