Bounce multiple events on same track

Here’s something I’d really like to see. Being able to select multiple segments on the same track, then bounce them as individual files. A practical example:

I receive consolidated tracks for mixing. A lot of silence in these tracks so I use detect silence to strip them. To keep file size down, I then bounce the segments, but I have to do this one by one because if I select all, I’ll get a new big file with silence between the markers. An option for the bounce function would be a good solution.

this is already implemented.
Please read the manual, chapter Render In Place.

Well, sort of. It’s a clunky system where a new track is created, and it takes significantly longer than it does to do a regular bounce.


It would be much faster for you to, detect silence on every track and then use the backup function to create a new project that only includes what you want to use.
I do that all the time using two drives, one for importing the project files and one as work drive where the project gets backuped to. Very fast, and you always have the originals if something goes wrong.