Bounce Multiple tracks to One Stereo Track? (Rough Mix)

Is there a way to bounce multiple tracks to a stereo track (like a mix) without having to export the audio to a file and then import it back into the project?

For many years in SONAR, I used to just select the tracks I wanted, select “Bounce Tracks”, and chose what output (I usually chose the Master for mixes), and I was done. The multiple tracks would render with levels, panning, EQ, and effects to a stereo track within the project that I could edit (if needed) before I was ready to export the mix to a file.

If Cubase can do this, please let me know how to do it. If Cubase cannot do this, it would be a fantastic addition to an already great DAW.

Render In Place?

This one is a little confusing, you want to bounce tracks to a stereo track but don’t want to export.
But bounce and export is really the same thing kinda.
Fastest way is to solo the tracks you want to be mixed together and do a mixdown/export with the option selected to import into project.
Or use RIP, or record them onto a track in real time.

First, thanks to the input, guys!

@ raino: Unless I did something wrong, Render in Place appeared to render the tracks to individual tracks with the addition of whatever processing I had done to each track. So, it essentially duplicated the individual tracks with the addition of EQ, panning, effects, and levels.

@ peake: The reason I’d like to not export is that I want to have a stereo track inside the project that contains the mix - without having to send the track out and bring it back in. As I mentioned, I did this for many years in different versions of SONAR. It was an easy task - I didn’t have to export until the very last step. I get what you’re saying, but I was hoping to get around the export/import steps. It just seems a little clunky that we have to do the export/import steps.

Peakae is right. Just tick the box “import into project” during your export. Gives you a new track containing your “bounce”.

I must have misread that part of peakae’s reply. Thanks, Graveley, for pointing that out. I’m going to try that out today. Thanks to all of you!

That doesn’t work for me. It imports the tracks back but as individual tracks. They are not bounced. Still trying to figure this out. It should be as easy as clicking bounce but unfortunately it’s not