Bounce out video clips with new audio

Please enable some kind of video clip output with audio so I don’t have to use pro tools. I don’t want to have to open up a video editing software to make a clip either.
Pretty Please?

I agree.

It’s bewildering to me that after so many requests over so many years this feature has never arrived.



I need this so often… Clients often just want a little preview of the work, most in the beginning of a project to check out everything is working like the client wants it to be… Would save a lot of time.

Did not need it while Quicktime Pro was alive, now I will do this with the free version of DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic. (thanks to this forum for the tip)

Isn’t it still ? I’ve used it yesterday. QT 7.7.9 pro

Please. You can do it in Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper. QT Pro is a partial and slow solution.