Bounce selection and extend to song legnth

What would be the quickest/easiest way to bounce shorter clips and make them “song length”? I need to export a ton of takes over to a old version of Portools (used by the producer) and he wants mono regular .wav (bot bwf) that he can start at bar one in his project to get everything lined up. He’s not interested in trying OMF or AFF.

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year

Export audio mixdown/batch export.

Thank you. I thought you might suggest this. I was trying to do everything in the main window though thinking it would be quicker being that I will be doing a ton of clip “selecting” with the mouse from all the lanes created from all the takes. (about 35 lanes per each of 4 horn tracks). Wouldn’t it slow me down going back and forth between the main project main window and the audio export window. Of coarse if there is no other way to make the clips “song length” then ok.

Ah…if you have takes in lanes & want to export all of them then yes this is going to be fiddly.

Not too up on lane behaviours but can’t you first dissolve all lanes to separate tracks & then use batch export?

I guess you could also use range/bounce selection in the project window (but not replace the original audio so you can still select the next take) & then extract only the recently created audio bounces from the project folder to send off. Not 100% on this but it sounds like it ought to work.

P. 78 of the Operations Manual- Additional Steps.