bounce selection feature request

Or can you do this already?

if working on Audio file, you can mess with it, then ‘bounce selection’ from the audio menu. from the project window

would be ideal to be able to do exactly the same for a midi part too. I did set up a macro in C5 which did this by soloing the track, & setting the L & R locators to the part then real time exported, and therefore bounced the midi part

would be cool to have ‘bounce selection’ available for midi parts.

( with options to select whether or not to create what you hear inc effects with an overrun to include it all, or just the instrument dry no fx )

I think Logic has this feature and those that have it find it useful. It’s different from freezing because you can move the audio around and mess with it in the wave editor.

Something else that would be nice is the option to bounce a track to a new track that is a duplicate of the current one in all settings. I manually do this all the time by first duplicating the track and then bouncing the audio and choosing to replace the selected audio clips.

Select a bunch of MIDI parts, then choose MIDI -> Bounce MIDI !