bounce selection from zero

Sometimes I need to “consolidate” all the tracks/clips making them start from the zero point to get the files in the pool to give to another studio. In N4 I used to just set the left-right marks, double click on the track filling the space with an empty clip and then “bounce selection”.

In N5 this doesn’t work. It requires to use the glue tool first and then bounce selection.
Is there a quick way to do this? :blush:
Any help appreciated.


I use the Range Selection Tool, select my points and Bounce Selection. That has worked for me.

Or, just select everything you want with the selection tool and do the same.


You just made my day! :smiley:

This is what I do normally, but it doesn’t work if you want the resulting file to start from 00:00.
It used to work in N4. Don’t know why they changed it in N5.

Thank you both guys for your help.