Bounce Selection Makes Silent Files

Often, once a project is “mature” with many VSTi’s and audio tracks getting towards mixing stage, a problem occurs with the command “Bounce selected audio”.

In order to reduce the processing load from many vocals with pitch and time edits, I bounce them in place to create one clean audio file for each part of the song. If the segments are bounced from within a part several sections bounce silence where there was a segment containing audio. Once this occurs, on some sections I get error messages like “a problem occurred, unable to bounce selection” and the bounce doesn’t happen. And on other sections it completes the bounce with no error message but some segments within it print silence, and some sections bounce correctly.

The workaround for this seems to be to bounce a whole part containing the segments from the arrange page. This seems to work but I’m sure this is not intended behaviour.

Has anyone else experienced this? I can send a culprit project file if that would be a help.

1 - Work on a project for several days
2 - Go to bounce audio segments inside parts to reduce processing
3 - Some segments produce silent results, others seem ok.


Cubase Pro
MacPro 5.1 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
64 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC
Too many plug ins to list. Usual Native Instruments Komplete 10, Play, Arturia, Waves, Real, Omnisphere, Trillion, Stylus, Nexus…

Running projects and VSTi Library from external Glyph 4-TB USB3 drive.

Yamaha N-8 Audio Interface / Mixer

Hello? Nobody else has this? Most odd.

I get this on 2 separate machines in 2 different places (admittedly the boot drives were originally cloned so they’re pretty much the same…)