Bounce Selection no longer rewrites all track events

I came from Nuendo 4 (Windows) and used this method to create time aligned wav files of each track quickly and easily. I need to do this to export tracks to other DAWs. This is called “consolidate” in Pro Tools. I need to consolidate punches, gaps, adjusted event levels, etc into ONE NEW CONTINUOUS wave file for each track without plug ins, EQs being written. I’ve done this in Nuendo 4 by:

  1. Set begin/end markers past any events. Double click each track to create an “empty” event the length of the set markers.
  2. Select empty events and choose “move to back”.
  3. Select all events on all tracks and choose Bounce Select.

This creates NEW wave files (in the audio folder) for every track, time aligned, and all the exact same length without ANY processing (EQ, plug ins, etc). This is exactly what I need to do! I can then easily copy these wave files for each track to a CD to hand the client.

In Nuendo 6.0.6 this no longer works, and I can’t find a way to do this. The Bounce Selected no longer rewrites the file including the empty event I create (to time align everything). The event is shown “on top” of the empty event with diagonal lines, but is never “consolidated” into one true event, with a single wave file. If I use “export channel batch”, I get stereo tracks WITH EQ and plug in processing, which I don’t want. I tried checking the “export to mono” but I still get stereo output tracks (is this a bug?)

Is there a way to once again have Nuendo rewrite the events of a track into a NEW, single wave file as it did in Nuendo 4? Or is there some other method?

By the way, page 83 of the documention suggests that my original method should STILL work! Something has changed, and for me, not for the better unless there is another way to do this. The docs say “the audio from all events in the part will be combined into a single audio file”. However this does not happen now.

Ah, found the solution. You now have to “glue” the parts FIRST, then bounce selection. Did not have to glue them before if you selected all events on a track.

use the range selector for all tracks in one go & bounce to new filej


I also use this method to export for other DAWs.

Are you saying you create an empty part at the start of each track so that when you bounce the WAVs all start at the same place? And up to N6 you were able to join these empty parts (no actual WAV file i them) from where they start onto the actual WAVs?

This has never worked for me. The empty part isn’t joined to the start of the recorded parts to the right of them, it remains a separate, empty part, and the WAVs to the right still have their existing start points. This was true in all earlier versions of Nuendo.

I have to create an actual WAV/AIF recording at the start of each track, which I do by arming all tracks, and hitting record with the cursor at my desired start point (Bar 1 or whatever). I only record a couple of seconds (of silence). I can then successfully bounce these new files along with the main ones further on.

In fact, you’re right in that gluing the empty part to the part following allows the whole thing to bounce. I’m not used to doing it that way, but it does work.

I don’t have Nuendo 6 but I have Cubase 7.5 and the behaviour is the same in there as it’s always been.

You are not using the range tool for your bounce operations, are you?

With the range tool you do not have to make the “dummy” file at the starting point, nor glue any parts together.

Everything within the range will bounce to a contiguous file per track.