Bounce selection weirdness

Wondering if anyone can help me with this issue I seem to be having .

Sorry if the pics are not that great but should show my issue here …

I record a basic sound from my external basstation 2 into my RME UCX Fireface…In this case a couple of detuned sine waves .

Then select …Audio …bounce …and it bounces my recorded sound into some weird deformed version of the original sound as you should see in the pic …The file on the left is what results from the bounce and you can see the difference…This also is happening when I export audio and then bring it back into the project…
In some cases when I bring the audio back into the project I get an audible click and pop that defenitly is not there when I record and playback to the original track I recorded…

So what has happened here ?

I record at 44 …24 …and my bounce is the same at 44 / 24 …

My project setup is always at 32 bit float …But even when switched to 24 bit I seem to have the same issue.

most importantly I have absolutley zero plugins on any channel and have not adjusted anything at all including faders or eq etc… NOTHING … Simply recorded some audio and bounced it without any adjustments at all.

I am using cubase 8.03 the latest update …An IMAC with 16 Gb of ram an RME fireface UCX My sound card settings are 44 / 24 .

Basically this is an issue of when I bounce my sound using the bounce in place or export audio file , it is not the same as what is in my audio track…where am I messing up here ? thanks .

the other pictures Idk what im doiong here.

ok just had to resize it

Hopefully this makes sense to someone !!! in picture it shows the resulting audio bounce on the left and right is original untouched recording …What on earth is going on here ?